When you have to work

Karlaby Kro is not your typical conference facility. With only 22 hotel rooms it’s easy to find seclusion in both the dining room as well as the public areas. We specialize in smaller conferences but happily welcome groups of up to about 40 people. 

We want you to experience a conference where pleasure, efficiency, and relaxation form a balance that brings something to your meeting. 

Pleasure - in the form of good food and drinks Efficiency; in a well-functioning conference room with modern technology 
Seclusion - away from disturbing noise and stress 
Relaxation - in our mini-spa and the beautiful countryside of Skåne.

What can you expect?

We like our guest to get a god start!
Let's start with some coffee and tea when you arrive. Then we go through your program with you to check that the no. of participents is correct, your schedules and other details. Then we leave you to your work. Coffee breaks, lunch, dinner are all included in the package.