Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms are bright and modern. All rooms are equipped with a whiteboard, flipchart, and PC-projector. In addition, there is always a supply of fruit, water, and natural snacks. All rooms have wireless Internet. Internet codes are available at the reception.

The Meeting room

This room is located in the former stables. It makes an ideal conference room and is suitable for groups of up to 25 people, classroom style. Outside of the barrack we have our sitting room, where you can sit and discuss in groups or have your coffee served. Meals are enjoyed in the main building across the courtyard.

The Library

With an eagle’s watch over the courtyard you can sit here and look out. The room fits about 8 people and is suitable for smaller meetings, perhaps a management meeting or similar. The room is located in the former stables on the ground floor.

The Loft

This room is located upstairs in the main building. You can have a regular meeting here, classroom style, or a more relaxed one, sitting on couches and in armchairs. When the weather permits, you can also sit on the large terrace.

Group Projects

Karlaby Kro has several nice areas to sit and work in groups. We have our sitting room in the stables, the lobby of the main building, or why not bring your colleagues into our orangery where we have our indoor pool? During spring and summer, and even in the fall when it’s still warm enough, there are several places to sit outdoors; the courtyard, the porch adjacent to the dining room, or the poolside hanging beds and loungers.